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Onat plaster

Reliable Choice When Value to the Construction
Complete your construction with Onat Plaster of Paris, which are produced for different surfaces and practical to apply.
Visit our Plaster of Paris page for suitable varieties for the applied surfaces.

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Onat plaster
onat alçı


Strong Choice for Humidity, Fire, External Covering, Sound Insulation
Thanks to its flexible and light features, Onat plasterboards add aesthetic appearance to many areas of your building, from partition walls to suspended ceilings.
Discover our moisture and fire resistant boards that can be used indoor and outdoors.

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smart selection steps


Design Your Project

Determine your project and make the necessary plans to use the construction solutions offered by Onat.



Use our quantity calculation page to accurately the amount of the materials you need.


Determine Features:

Identify the products that will meet the needs of your structure.


Make a Smart Choice

Make the right decision for your building with Onat

Onat exposed concrete primer

Practical Choice That Makes Your Job Easier
Onat Primer makes the working process easier for you both indoor and outdoors, saves time for you with its adhesive enhancing and moisture resistant features.

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Onat exposed concrete primer
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Onat profile and accessories

Solid Choice That Sustains the Structure
Our profiles and accessories, which you can use in all areas of the building, interior and exterior surfaces, provide variety in use with different size, length and weight options.

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