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Onat Primer

Onat Primer

It is an acrylic polymer-based, single-component, quartz-grained plaster primer for exposed concrete surfaces that increases the adhesion and working time of the surface yerine decreases the application time on the surfaces. Used before the application of cement or gypsum based plasters.

. Indoor and outdoors,
. As an adherence enhancing primer using before cement or gypsum based plaster mortars on exposed concrete surfaces,
. In the protection of water-absorbent surfaces such as gypsum-plaster, gypsum-plasterboard, gas concrete, chipboard, briquette from moisture
. As an adherence enhancing primer before plain plasters,
. It is used to make protection for water absorbent surfaces such as plasters and plaster boards

To ensure that the application surface is cured. The application surface must be cleaned of dust, oil, tar, pitch, paint, silicone, curing material, detergent and mold oils, etc.

Dilute 12 kg of Onat Exposed Concrete Primer will be mixed by adding 3 liters of water to the mortarboard and will be mixed slowly until obtaining a homogenous mixture. Diluted primer is applied to the surface in one layer with a textured roller.
It dries in 60-90 minutes after application. After 24 hours, the coating of cement or gypsum based plasters can be checked.

150-250 g/m2 (It varies depending on the absorbency and roughness of the application surface.)

. Avoid applyinr to the frozen surfaces or if there is freezing risk within the 24 hours , the places open to direct sunlight or windy.
. Stir the product at regular intervals so that the quartz aggregate does not settle to the bottom during operation.

It can be stored for 12 months in its unopened package. Stir well before use. Protect against freeze.

As with all chemical products, it should not come into contact with food products, skin, eyes and mouth during use and storage. Working clothes , protective gloves,glasses and masks should be used during the application in accordance with the occupational and worker health rules. Consult a doctor if accidentally swallowed. In case of any contact with the skin, wash the area with plenty of water. It should be stored in the place where the children cannot reach.